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Where are Wicked Machines and Wicked Home Entertainment?

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PC Networks is partnered with Equus, Microsoft and AMD to develop servers that are powerful, yet highly energy efficient and hit the Green 4.0/EPEAT level. Contact Sales for more info for your business or data center


With the wide variety of products and services PC Networks can provide for your home or business, why not contact us for a free home/business evaluation. Anyone in Western Washington*

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PC Networks is the parent company and supporter of various other businesses in both the West Puget Sound, nationally, and internationally.

The Wicked Machines division of PC Networks Inc, specializes in building of high end PC gaming systems, customized to order with a wide variety of platform choices from the powerful AMD AM3 Athlon II and Phenom II 2-6 Core prodessors to the Intel i7 Quad and Hexa-core systems. AMD and nVidia video cards, Mushkin high end memory and Power Supplies, Western Digital Caviar Black SATA 3 hard drives, Lite-on Blu-Ray Optical Drives, and a wide selection of cases allow for the perfect combination of parts to make your ultimate gaming system. In conjunction with PC Networks, Wicked Machines also manufactures workstations for digital imaging, digital video production, Auto-Cad®, 3D-Modeling, and game construction.

Pretty much if it is high performance and you need, Wicked Machines can find it or build it for you. Click on the WICKED tab above or go to

Join the home theater revolution. Taking a cue from their sister division Wicked Machines, Wicked Home Theater was born to give you the best in a home theater experience. Wicked Home Theater can bring the theater experience to you, whether you live in an apartment, or have your personal home theater/rec room area. we can make it an experience that you won't forget. From the DLP Rear Projection Monitors to Large Front Projection systems, we match your size, location, and environment with the proper equipment and projection solution. Coupled with access to the top makers of Home Theater seating, lighting, accoustical treatments and even a popcorn cart, we can create a home theater like no other.


Discount Networks markets a product that allows businesses large and small be able to have direct communications with their customers, Mobile Text Marketing. With plans that cover small businesses just starting out, to major chain restaurants, hotels, casinos, concert venues, newspapers, and celebrities. Join in what has been considered the fastest growing market for social networking between businesses and their customers.


New systems based on AutoDesk products AutoCAD, Maya, and 3ds Max, along with video and audio creation at Wicked Machines

Attract more attention in your business with Digital Signage, then extend your reach outside with text marketing, in a huge one-two punch
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