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Whether it is to just create a presence, move a registered domain to a more reliable server, or expand your present website to dynamic hosting and ecommerce, we can handle your needs. Look at some of the sites we have developed:

PC Networks

Wicked Machines

Aspen Land Surveyor

Wicked Home Theater

Web Hosting and Web Site Development Pricing

You want to put your business on the Internet. Everyone else has and you want to jump right in. Great! The process to putting your business is a three step process:

1. Finding your domain name. This is what people put into their Internet browser window to find you. Domain names should reflect your business, either by the actual name or something that people will associate with you. For instance, Peet’s Coffee and Tea Company in Berkeley, CA has the domain but they also bought too. See not only the big companies can get the generic names (you would have thought Starbucks would have snatched up We can do a search for domains to find an available domain for your needs. Don’t be discouraged if your name isn’t available, as generally a .net, or .biz address might be. So instead of being available, or might be. The best is the .com since that is what people generally type.

2. Getting your site hosted. Once you have found your domain, now where to put it. There are two parts to that, what is affordable and expandable to your needs, and what is best for your navigation of your customers.

3. Actually getting the pages up there. There are three types of sites you can do.

   A . One is a static site, known as a brochure site. It consists of several pages of information and pictures that do not change dynamically. This is the simplest site to create and the least expensive. This is good for information about your business that doesn’t require things like selling online or a rotation of a product line.

  B. The next is a dynamic site, usually using a database for images and text that allows you to show your products or in the case of real estate and such, homes. This is not to be confused with e-commerce sites, the next type. Dynamic sites are more complicated to put together and of course cost more to develop.

  C. The last type is an e-commerce site. Full ecommerce sites allow you to show products, have users put them into a shopping cart, then check out and purchase, including shipping and handling all from a single site. If you have product that you wish to sell online, this is how you do it. It is comparable to the dynamic site, but has more steps to follow through on by the business owning the website, such as credit card purchases online and merchant services.

What you get with a hosted website from PC Networks:

Besides the website, there are a few features that you receive with your monthly subscription:

Web based e-mail – If you are out and about, if you can get to the internet, you can check your email online. It includes a spell checker, attachment support, and Multilanguage support. You can also setup filtering options, change passwords, setup out of office autoresponder’s all online.

1600MB Disk Storage – This is website, email, databases, files online. The average website is about 6MB in size. This is more than enough room for anything you plan, and if you need more, you can easily upgrade.

MySQL databases – unlimited. For dynamic sites, MySQL is the database that runs your ecommerce/dynamic sites. There is no limit to the number of databases that can be created.

E-mail accounts (mailboxes) 60 – most site plans give you 5 or 10 and charge for any additional email boxes or addresses. We provide 60 mailboxes. This doesn’t include the addresses associated to the mailboxes. There is an unlimited number of those. If you want,, and all going to one mailbox, you can! There is no limit to the number of addresses that can be created. And you can have those email addresses forward onto your personal e-mail addresses if you wish or go to multiple mailboxes.

POP3/SMTP access / IMAP access – You can choose the method you want to access your email. POP3/SMTP is you connect to the mail server in your email client (like Outlook Express) and you download your email to your computer. IMAP is different in that your email is maintained on the mail server and that way if you travel, have a laptop and a desktop, or work and home computers, you can see the same e-mails in both locations without having to “synchronize” your accounts. Instructions on setting up both types are included in the website setup.

Spam Filtering - Now just one click is all that stands between you and unsolicited commercial email. Our spam filter (powered by Razor) flags incoming e-mail messages that have a high-probability of being junk e-mail as spam. Razor relies on a centralized spam database to help it analyze potential spam messages. While not completely perfect, (and no spam filter ever truly is,) Razor can do wonders for cleaning up your inbox!

3 Main domains and 15 sub-domains hosted – A sub domain is one that is created to make a separation between functions on your website. For instance, maybe you are going to have a community function on your website, where people get together and talk about the industry you are in. If your domain is a sub domain is If you have more than one registered domain, you can add and host up to three for no extra charge.

PHP/MySQL support. PHP is a Unix based standard for dynamic pages and sites and MySQL is the database backend. The alternative is ASP/SQL which is a Microsoft Windows based system, which costs more to host and generally more to develop on.

Daily Data Backups – Your data on the webserver is backed up daily so you don’t have to worry about losing data.

Daily Access Statistics – Wonder how many people are visiting your site and from where, you can get statistics showing not only who (by domain and location like .ca for Canada) but where they are getting referred from (like advertising or search engines) This allows you to guage how well certain search and advertising schemes are working.

Pass worded Directories – Perhaps you have a file or files that you want only certain people to access. You have a directory that you can put a password and ID on that you can give to those people to access files placed there.

QuickTime/Real Audio/Real Video streaming – Movies, audio, video can be streamed off of your site, perhaps for viewing products or showing something of your business in action (remember that space taken up by video and audio is part of the 800MB mentioned before.)

As you can see, you get a lot when you have PC Networks take care of your site.

Customer responsibilities:
A website is no good if it doesn’t have content, meaning pictures, logos and written text. You know your business better than a web designer does and you need to have well thought out ideas on things like About Us, Contact Information, your product(s) in both pictures and words.

The means to a good website is color, usability, content, and planning. If you have those four items and you will have return customers.

Have you ever been to a site where you have to go through 5 pages just to get to a contact page? That is bad usability .

Ever seen a site where you can’t make out the text because the background was too busy or they put red text on a blue background? That is bad coloring.

Go to a website where it really doesn’t say anything? You got it, content. Click on a link on a website and it doesn’t go anywhere or there are too many distractions to getting where you want to go to (pop-ups, ads, distracting cursors)? That is bad planning.

We have over 8 years of actual website development and know what works. Sites that normally cost $5 - $10,000 to get setup and maintain, cost a fraction of that. Also to save you hassles and money in maintenance and reworks, an example of your site will be placed in what is known as a development server. You can view this site and use it as you would a normal site, but only you can reach it. This way if there are changes to be made, then it can be done prior to the site going “live” for the public. This is included with all the site plans.

(Domain Setup and Monthly Fees)
Domain Registration: $9.95 per year.

Setup of Domain: $24.95
Monthly Hosting: $9.95
Yearly Hosting: $119.40 (no setup fees)
2 year hosting: $190.80 (no setup fees)

(Website Development)

PC Networks teams up with local small business website development companies to deliver an outstanding website.


New systems based on AutoDesk products AutoCAD, Maya, and 3ds Max, along with video and audio creation at Wicked Machines

Attract more attention in your business with Digital Signage, then extend your reach outside with text marketing, in a huge one-two punch
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